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With the black oil. I was also amazed at how fast the oil gets black in a diesel. But I was only a diesel beginner a couple years ago. You can totally clean your engine and rebuild and spray everything out inside and in a couple hundred miles it will still be black. I would worry to much about it. If you really what to try to help that out get a oil cooler sandwich that has the cooler radiator part (not the kind that coolant goes through) and run a by pass filter for soot (which is the black in the fuel). If you change you oil on the correct timings then you don't need to worry about it. My brother put the by pass on his Dodge but my whole family runs amsoil (the 25,000 mile oil change stuff). Only then do you need to care about soot contamination as it then starts to break down the lubricating powers of the oil. 
I would say the lose of power would be either air filter or maybe your fuel filter is plugged too. I had my fuel line ice up and it lose power so I imagine one that is plugged but allows just enough fuel through to run would starve the engine enough to not run. You may want to crack each injector line individually while it is running. If there is a change in the engine running it is working fine. If nothing happens you have a bad injector. Just because they are rebuilt doesn't mean they always are working as I have heard from others on here. If your fuel filter is bad it will hurt your pump as it will cavitate the pump (suction cause little bubbles that explode and pit the metal, happens on ship propellers a lot). Hope that all helps. 
As far as this HP over torque. I will just share my experience. May not help any but this seems to be such a sensitive topic. When my brother and I were in to pulling tractors we noticed a couple of things. Now we had to way the same so weight with motorcycles and cars, etc didn't matter. This was just hp and torque and different gears. The Oliver's always won on a loose gravel or sandy track as there wheels would never stop spinning and thus they kept there rpm very very high. 
Now we were in the class that you had to use the original parts and that was the limitation, what ever you could modify the parts just as long as the shell (block, manifold, carburetor, crank, tranny were original pieces that could be modified with welding, grinding, etc) it wasn't the bolt in the v8 engine class. But when the Oliver got to a hard clay ground where the wheels couldn't spin our John Deere's won every time with the lower speed torque. I doubt that helped anyone but I thought I would share my experience with hp verse torque (by the way our JD were hopped up to 250 hp but the rpm couldn't get to high with the huge flywheel JD put on the "G" JD)
Travis G
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