[Vwdiesel] Quantum Questions?

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 The Quantae TD is a desirable item over there....
Not many left over here either :o(... Fortunately I have 3 and one for parts 

In the past I have found that a poor water filler cap has affected operating 
At idle do you have the steady stream of water going into the header tank?

Some of these cars prefer a proper coolant to water mix ...ie not too much 
water; as they are designed to run right up to and beyond the boiling point 
of water; [unlike my old Bedford  or my dads Citroen AX]
If the car never hits the red or sets off the red flashing light then it's 
not overheating. Mine generally operate halfway and rises to something less 
than 3/4 when pushed up an extended incline.
Do both fan speeds cut in?


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> This morning I talked to the last owner of my newly acquired '82 Quantum 
> TD wagon. He said when his wife overheated it, the needle didn't peg, just 
> ran warmer. He said he could never figure overheat when climbing mountain 
> grades & just got tired of pouring money into the car. However, he now has 
> sellers remorse as he offered to buy it back but I said no as he said the 
> transmission just went out on his '82 diesel Vanagon. He said he never put 
> any stop leak into it but did put in a new timing belt, brakes & more. 
> After I bought the car he said he could have sold the car 10 times over & 
> one person said he would have paid $2,000 for it. In checking eBay & 
> Craig's List, it looks like Quantum diesels are mighty scarce.
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