[Vwdiesel] A2 1992 Jetta, ERG valve, what does this actually do?

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Tue Jul 8 08:48:29 PDT 2008

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> I took the hoses off and cleaned them.  I took the EGR valve out, has 2 
> wires going to it, but the inside just seems to be a copper band.  This is 
> taking crank case blow-by and putting it back into the inlet of the turbo.

  Doesn't sound like an EGR then.  More like a temp sensor or 
something.  Even the TDI EGR's only have a vacuum hose going 
to them.  No wires.
  Crankcase to turbo inlet is just crankcase ventilation.  

> *****
> So, does this think just short out the two wires (which are not heavy guage) 
> and get hot to help burn the vapors?

  Nope.  That'd be hazardous.  Could start a fire.  EGR is 
Exhaust Gas Recirculation.  It dumps exhaust into your 
intake.  :-P

> *****
> And, when taking the oil filter out, is it best to move the Power Steering 
> hoses and of the way and take it out the bottom or tilt it, spill oil all 
> over, and try and take it out the top of the motor.  Talk about a tough spot to 
> get an oil filter off....
> I have not found the best method but only did this job 2 times now.

  What's best is what you prefer.  I have to either pull the PS pump 
or undo the strap holding the PS hoses and really pull on them to 
get them out of the way.  My filter won't even come out the top.

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