[Vwdiesel] Quantum questions?

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Those tail lights are sure hard to come by. I have two Quantum parts cars.
One was a turbo diesel and the other a gas syncro but both are missing tail
Brian Decker
Western Washington

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re the $65.71 radiator. They are out of stock & they issued me a refund.
They also told me this time, the radiator was for non-air-conditioned cars
but they had one for A/C Quantum's at $185 or about that. Told them not
interested. Don't need a spare radiator for $185 but $65.71 sure looked
good, guess too good to be true.

HELP:  I need at least the left rear tail light lens & preferably the full
tail light assembly. Checked the 2 local VW junk yards (Sacramento) & both
said no & further, haven't seen a Quantum in several years. Checked the
local VW dealer. They don't have it but gave me part number #325945111C for
the left tail light assembly. They also gave me a number for a local old VW
parts source. So folks, do any of you have a left tail light lens or
complete tail light assembly you would be willing to sell? If so, email me
with the price wanted. Also, please give me some leads where I might be able
to buy one.
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