[Vwdiesel] New head installed 91 ECO

mikitka mikitka at embarqmail.com
Tue Jul 22 18:23:03 PDT 2008

Well I went back out tonight and checked everything over, all was well, had
to add a little coolant and then started up the ole 91 jetta, It took a
while but finally got up to temp. I kept using an IR thermometer on the
hoses and radiator to check temp. When the gage got to it's normal spot for
the fans to turn on they did and the temp came down. I let it cycle three
times like that and all was well. The hoses never got above 183 F mostly
around 170F.  It sure feels good to see all is well. Now to get it out and
stretch it's legs again and see how it runs. I also changed the oil and oil
filter along with the fuel filter. I also bumped the timing up just a tad
because before it seemed to not want to start right away like before, this
time it fired right off by no heavy diesel pinging like the first time.  I'm
also trying something different on this one. I had a spare set of 130 bar
injectors, I got a set of GTD nozzles and had them installed and pop
pressure set to 155bar. It will be interesting to see how it runs now with
them in.


Thanks for all the help, I really missed my little economizer, my truck was
starting to dip into my savings driving back and forth to work. :-(





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  First likely cause would be, as mentioned, air in the system.  I'm 
sure you filled it correctly though.  Pull the upper hose from the 
radiator, fill until it comes out the radiator, connect the hose, 
fill through the reservoir, run for a few minutes and wait 15 or 
so a couple times and refill the reservoir.  That usually gets all 
the air out.  Once the thermostat opens it usually flushes all the 
air out.  
  They tend to run hot if you don't have anti-freeze in there instead 
of straight water.  Usually hot enough to blow the head gasket.
  Different heads can run different temps.  Dad's pu's head went 
phoey a while back.  When we replaced it, the EGT dropped 300 
to 400F across most of the board!  The previous head had no 
problems until it just went.  The new head looked the same but 
huge difference.  Didn't notice engine temp that much partly 
because the gauge has been a little flaky for quite a while.

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