[Vwdiesel] IP Failure Fun and Question

Chuck Carnohan carnohan at tdiesel.myrf.net
Mon Jul 28 09:39:22 PDT 2008

Boy am I having fun with this Bunny Truck! I've never experienced such luck with a single vehicle! Same one I recently had to replace the head due to the cam pulley slipping. So, now I'm dealing with a failed IP. This one was rebuilt by Peter in NC at Diesel VW or something like that. Anyway, the pump started leaking just a wee bit from the front seal- No biggie so I order another under warranty (nice folks gonna throw in a timing belt as this one has been saturated). Then the pump just craters! I don't know how I made it home but it failed in this manner:
Upon return to civilization I noticed very rough idle at a stop light or two and I could smell fuel (I had been way out in the boondocks) . When I got parked at home the engine went ballistic (like run-on) and I shut it off. When I opened the hood the pump had been leaking profusely.  Another pump will be here this week. What in the heck happend? Anyone ever had one do this?

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