[Vwdiesel] swapping engines

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> Can I just take a wrench to the
> crankshaft and rotate a few times to free up
> everything. 

  I just fired one up a couple weeks ago.  The car had been sitting
about 15 years (dont' remember exactly).  Checked the pump for 
fullness, put in a battery, glowed and cranked.  Less than two 
revolutions and it was purring as smoothly as it had last century!
REALLY impressed the guy borroing the car from me!
  You shouldn't need to crank it over and "loosen things up."  If 
it's stuck, then you have problems.  If it's not, then you can turn 
it over slowly by hand with a rachet and socket (1/2 inch 
preferably).  You may need to stop and let the compression leak 
by, you'll be able to hear it.
  Nick is right, a new timing belt would be a really good idea while 
it's really easy to put in.  A water pump sitting dry this long could 
be an issue also.

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