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> After doing some researching I think I may have a eco 1.9 td aaz diesel. 
> Since I don't have any diaphragm in my injection pump that is what I think it 
> may be. Does this mean it will have better miles per gallon because of the 
> limits on horse power?

  I wouldn't go so far as to say that.  When I turned up the 
fueling, quite a bit, on my Dasher, not only did my power go 
up a fun amount, my mileage went up a little as well.  Just 
chipped Dad's Passat TDI (heavily and with larger injectors).  
The fun factor is up about 500% and the mileage went up 
at least 10% for the one trip I drove it so far.  :-)
  Diesels aren't the same as gassers where less power generally 
means better mileage, except in the case of "smogged" engines.

  A couple pics would go a LONG way toward identifying your 
EGR(?) and what if anything, is missing from your pump.  I don't 
think the ECO's had phoney boost aneroids, I think the pump was 
basically like any NA engine.
  Your piston "slop" is really unidentifiable.  The tops of the pistons 
are smaller in diameter than the skirts, which is what counts.  The 
only way you can positively tell if they're sloppy is to pull one/them, 
mic it, mic the bore and subtract the difference.  Wear limit is .0024
inch iirc.  Spec is .001 inch.
  If the cracks between the valves don't leak then tap them together 
and call them good.  I think everyone on this list has at least one 
engine with those cracks.  I've seen ONE head that didn't.

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