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> I am still going to get the injectors, waste gate, injector pump and turbo 
> looked at and rebuilt as I don't know if they would have been looked at much 
> with a timing belt problem. I just don't want to be stranded somewhere 
> because something failed on me. 
> Thanks for the help so far everyone. I will update as I get everything 
> rebuild. 
> One last thing, would a 2.5 inch exhaust with a Borla muffler be quiet 
> enough. How could I get it quieter. 

  Basically if those parts "aren't broke, don't fix them."  :-)  Nothing 
really to rebuild in the pump if it doesn't have a problem, same with 
the turbo.  If it turns and doesn't burn oil...  For the wategate just 
pull the exhaust off and look at it, work it a couple times.  If the 
flapper is solidly attached and it works freely, it's good.  
  Having the injectors pop tested wouldn't hurt but really none of 
those are likely to leave you stranded if they did have issues.

  With a 1.9 TD I'd consider doing a 3" exhaust over a 2.5"  It 
should be reasonably quiet just with having a turbo.  If you do 
want it quieter then put a silencer in front of the muffler like 
several of the Audi/VW cars have.

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