[Vwdiesel] could I need new glow plugs?

Erik Lane eriklane at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 10:31:59 PDT 2008

I would say most likely bad glow plugs. Do the tests that Mark Shepard
told you about. (Though I've never had too much trouble getting to
those back two glow plugs and getting them out. A little more trouble
than the ones not behind the injection pump, but nothing to sweat

But if more than one or two were bad I'd replace the whole system with
a fast glow system and get rid of that button to get it back to
automatic operation. Item number: 180233989346 on Ebay is a whole new
system including the controller. I don't know where you're located,
but Halsey Import in Portland can beat that price, but I don't know
what their shipping is - I live in the area and just visit them in
person when I need to. That set on ebay is a fast system, so the glow
plugs would only run for about 5-10 seconds or so and when the light
on the dash goes out you start the car.

That's what I would do, anyway. Low compression or bad injection pump
timing would come with other symptoms when it's actually running -
smoke or at least lower power, blowby, etc.


On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 6:29 AM, Bryan Belman <dieselwesty at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Either WAY low compression or pump injection timing is
> way off.
> I would do the compression test first.
> Sorry to hear.
> --- Jason and Lori Stoffer
> <stillwalking2002 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I own a rabbit pickup with what I believe is a
>> golf diesel engine.  I depress the (manual)
>> glow plug button for 45 seconds as per the previous
>> owners instructions, turn the key and it cranks but
>> never fires. It will only start if I plug it in for
>> at least an hour or if its 90+ degrees outside.
>> Could I possibly need new glow plugs?.  Any
>> help would be much appreciated.
>> Jason
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