[Vwdiesel] help my '89 Jetta stopped running !!!!

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply !

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<<< 1. Doubt it was the timing belt, the engine would lock when it hits the valves while turning over
<<< 2. Yes, very much so
<<<3. Your pulley may be worn out, which causes the belts to heat up and snap. Smelt any burnt rubber lately?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did smell some burnt rubber.  What pulley are you referring to ?  Also, any idea why it wouldn't start & it seems to turn over so much easier ?



On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 11:52 AM, Brian Hiltscher <briandownunda at yahoo.com> wrote:

I was driving my '89 Diesel Jetta home last night, I heard a "snap", then the engine completely shut down :-(  When I opened the hood, I noticed that the AC belt was broken.  So, I tried to start it & noticed that it is turning over noticably faster than before, and, of course will not start :-(  I never heard any "bad" noises coming out of the engine like pistons slapping against valves.  I have owned the vehicle for just a few months, the previous owner had replaced the timing belt < 30k miles ago (had receipts), however the vehicle was sitting in his driveway & undriven / not started for 3-4 years.  The car ran perfectly up until yesterday.

Question 1:  Does this sound like the timing belt broke ?

Question 2: Is the 1.6 VW diesel an "interference" engine ?

Question 3:  Any idea why the A/C belt broke as well ?  (I don't believe in coincidences)

Thanks very much (in advance)


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