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What I do and which is much easier is, put a Jack under the Final Drive in
the rear and unbolt the Rear Mount at the Body then use the Jack to move the
Engine to install the Starter and Front Mount loosely, jack up the rear
Mount and Tighten the Bolts then line up the Front Mount and tighten those


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  Whoever designed the starter mounting on a 1994 Jetta TD so that the bolts
holding the starter in place also holds the engine/transmission assembly to
the front motor mount?
  I didn't realize what was going on until I had romoved the two lower bolts
and saw that they came out of the mount and the engine had tipped some so I
couldn't reinsert the bolts.
  Anyway, I have one of those bridge type devices for holding an engine up
as the Bentley shows, but there's only one obvious place to latch onto the
engine--the eyehook near the front cylinder.  The Bentley shows another
anchorage more toward the middle of the engine, but I don't see anything I'd
want to be grabbing.  When I tighten up the anchorage to the front eyehook,
the engine rises up, but the  lower connections to the mount, where I've
already removed the bolts,  are skeejawed instead of rising up smoothly.  I
have a second hook for the bridge, but I can't figure out where to hook it
on the engine that looks substantial enough to take the force of lifting.
Where's the second hook supposed to go?
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