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I always put a jack under the transmission bellhousing where it joins to the
engine and lifted there. Allowed me to get the bolts back through easier
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> I reread your posting, sorry, I'm used to working on earlier VW's.  I still
> think it's easier to use Jacks to move the Engine around rather than
> lifting
> it.
> Rudy
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>   Whoever designed the starter mounting on a 1994 Jetta TD so that the
> bolts
> holding the starter in place also holds the engine/transmission assembly to
> the front motor mount?
>  I didn't realize what was going on until I had romoved the two lower bolts
> and saw that they came out of the mount and the engine had tipped some so I
> couldn't reinsert the bolts.
>  Anyway, I have one of those bridge type devices for holding an engine up
> as the Bentley shows, but there's only one obvious place to latch onto the
> engine--the eyehook near the front cylinder.  The Bentley shows another
> anchorage more toward the middle of the engine, but I don't see anything
> I'd
> want to be grabbing.  When I tighten up the anchorage to the front eyehook,
> the engine rises up, but the  lower connections to the mount, where I've
> already removed the bolts,  are skeejawed instead of rising up smoothly.  I
> have a second hook for the bridge, but I can't figure out where to hook it
> on the engine that looks substantial enough to take the force of lifting.
> Where's the second hook supposed to go?
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