[Vwdiesel] New no-start issue

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Sounds like corrosion on your grounds to me.  I've had a similar experience, where the car would not turn over to save its life.  After cleaning up the battery terminals, all of a sudden, things started working (idiot lights, starter, etc).  

Good luck!


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>Got my new starter in, as reported earlier.  Started right up and drove it to a parking spot.  Went to start it a few minutes later for an errand and when I turn the key after the glowplug light goes out, the dash idiot lights disappear, there's no response from the starter, I hear a repeated click, click from under the dash and the antitheft horn starts honking.
>  Turn the doorlock to stop the honking, get back in and find there now are no idiot lights when I put the key at its running position.  Turn for starter engagement and the antitheft horn fires off again.
>  The new starter did not have the plug-in at the back the old one had, so I had to make a jumper to go from the wiring connector to the stud on the back.  Made it from a short piece of 10-gauge with a male stud on one end to go into the connector and a female clip on the other end to go onto the stud on the starter.
>  Like I said, car started right up while it was in the barn.
>  Any suggestions?
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