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Do the heater fans cut in [ both of them] or both speeds if it is a singular 
twin speed?


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> My Quantum TD is still loosing water & then overheating. Stop leak hasn't 
> helped. The water loss seems to come from the coolant expansion tank which 
> is now cracked. Suspecting a leaky head gasket, I bought a testing device 
> at our local Napa Auto parts store. It works by pulling any exhaust gas 
> that may have entered the cooling system into a device you put on the hole 
> where the "radiator cap" screws onto the expansion tank. If any exhaust 
> gas is present it is supposed to change the blue color of the test liquid 
> you poor into the cap you place on top of the cap hole from a bright blue 
> to yellow green for diesels & yellow for gas engines. Mine stayed a bright 
> blue suggesting the problem is something else The prior owner said he took 
> it to a local garage & were unable to diagnose the problem, which he said 
> happens on mountain grades & hot weather. Temperature this afternoon was 
> about 90 F. I think this is why he gave up on the Quantum. I wonder if a 
> sticky thermostat or partially plugged radiator could be the cause? 
> Something else?  When pressure builds up in the cooling system, shouldn't 
> the expansion tank coolant cap release the pressure? I just put on a new 
> one.
> I also say what looked like a leak from the rear of the injection pump 
> with the engine warm & ideling. Will check to see if everything is tight . 
> Anything I should check for?
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