[Vwdiesel] Free to a good home

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Mon May 12 13:10:46 PDT 2008

Rob, of area31 fame was first  bidder to respond. Has to resolve shipping to
north of toronto.

Val is second in line.

Did I mention, no tranny or starter.

As before, as-is where-is, I'm not in to crating and shipping

1.6 TD engine, running and on road when pulled. Out of 91 Jetta

Low  compression, hard to start cold, needs overhaul, I think. Head gasket OK.
I parted the car, didn't spend too much time checking the engine except to
change the oil and run it a bit to see if it would "heal". Had to get the
rest of the car off the property.

Full A/C bracketry, incl compressor, Will toss in good 90 amp alt. if needed.

The bad news, it's located in Ottawa, Canada. I Will not ship, must be
picked up.


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