[Vwdiesel] A2 Jetta 4 door, rear door common leak, how to fix

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Tue May 13 09:09:39 PDT 2008

And how does one take the rear seats out?  I was trying to figure that
out last week on the 91 eco when I was doing the rear struts.

By the way, it helps to jack up the opposite side as well so the
trailing arm(?) drops down and you can put the struts back on.  

Ask me how long it took to figure that out..


On Tue, 2008-05-13 at 03:32 -0600, James Hansen wrote:
> Had this on my 89 A2 when I first got it years ago.
> Neither back door opened, as the guy never used the rear doors.
> Take the rear seat out, so you can see the latch from the inside- when 
> you scrunch down and peer into the door gap.  You'll see the door catch 
> jaws trapping the pin.
> Then, with a poker of some sort, pry the latch open as friend holds the 
> trigger down on the door handle.  If the door handle is broken, you have 
> to remove it first, then push down on the metal bit you see there.  They 
> break off quite easily after removing the screw you CAN get at.
> What happens is the door catches on the rear doors sit at such a poor 
> angle, they fill up with crap, dirt and water, then rust right on the 
> bottom where all the slidey things have to move.  You need to take the 
> whole deal off on the big allen screws, clean it up inside, lubricate 
> it, then reinstall.  You'll be surprised how un-complicated the thing 
> really is.  It's fully disassemble-able, and you can shiny up the parts 
> on a wire wheel easily. Reassemble with something that discourages rust, 
> like fluid film.
> -james
> LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
> >> Thanks, I think I answered my own question here.
> >>
> > 
> >   Gotta do the same thing here too.  Driver's side as well.  Only 
> > problem is after sitting a while, both back outside handles fail 
> > to open the door.  Someone got cute and flipped the kiddie lock 
> > on one of them so...
> >   How the heck is it you get a back door open when neither handle 
> > will open it!?!?!?
> >     Loren
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