[Vwdiesel] injector socket ? and valve job tools in the Seattlearea?

Rudy petersenrudy at hotmail.com
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I have the 27mm Socket and the Valve Adjusting tools, I don't have the
Pliers for taking out the Pucks, I use compressed air.  You're welcome to
use them.  I'm in South Everett.

petersenrudy at hotmail.com 

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Hi all,

I've got a set of injector nozzles on the way and am hoping to install them
this weekend.  Last month, with the exceptional and amazing help of Loren
from the list I rebuilt the head on this car (1980 audi 5000), and since
then it's been smoking horribly on startup.  I'm afraid the neighbors will
be calling the Dept of Ecology on me soon!
We tested the injectors when the head was out and they all had pretty poor
spray patterns, and as I was planning to put in new injectors we just
reinstalled the old heat shields (after bending them back a little bit)
rather than using my new heat shields.  I'm hoping that the new injectors
are all i really need to deal with this smoke on start up issue.  Once the
engine is warm it barely smokes.  Though it still hesitates to startup even
when warm.
I'm also going to do another valve adjustment, as we did the last one around
11pm while the head was off the engine.

I have two questions, first, i need to find the proper 27mm deep socket for
the injectors.  I found a 27mm at Lowes, but I imagine it wouldn't be deep
enough.  Where should I look, or what should I look for, in the seattle
area, that I can get before this weekend?

Second, I need to find the tools and pucks for the valve adjustment.  Does
anyone around here have them that I could rent or borrow?
IF i can't find them I'll skip the valve adjustment for this weekend, but I
already need to take the valve cover off to retorque the head bolts, and
would rather do the valves at the same time.


columbia city, seattle
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