[Vwdiesel] Diesel engines clean up for an encore

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun May 18 14:01:20 PDT 2008

>   I wonder if you could just pee in the tank to fill it?  If you put in a 
> bigger 
> urea tank and a spray boom can you moonlight as a spray coupe?  Oye!

err, Melroe already had that idea... :-)
Should have patented that idea while you had the chance bud.

>   Has anybody else noticed that the "cleaner" diesels get, the less mileage 
> they seem to make? 

Tier 3 compliant agricultural engines are sucking 10% more fuel minimum, 
up to 30% more in some cases have been reported.
I don't know about tier 3 in california, but here on the prairies smog 
produced from nitrogen emissions isn't really much of an issue.  And in 
addition to that, I don't think too many tractors and combines driving 
around are the cause of smog in L.A. I don't quite get the point.
These are heat engines.  To meet tier 3, they had to cool the combustion 
chamber down, which makes less power, requiring more fuel to get the 
same power. Nevermind the recirculated exhaust gases that are 
introducing a whole new bag of cats to the equation in increased wear, 
reduced service life, etc...

  Seems the 5.7 did about the same or better than the
> 6.2 which made better than the 6.5 which seems to have done a fair amount 
> better than the Duramax.
I get better mileage with my chipped duramax than the 6.5 ever did. 
Stock it was about the same fuel usage under load, but less power out of 
the 6.5.

   Same thing seemed to happen with the Fords.
Saying more would be rubbing it in :-D
>   Most anything we do to our VW diesels seems to increase mileage as 
> well.  :-)
Because most of the performance enhancements are specifically defeating 
emissions related items.  If you can make the combustion chamber run 
hotter than it was, you will get better mileage.

Speaking of which, what's the chip to install in the '05 Passat PD these 
days? It's time.

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