[Vwdiesel] smoking audi diagnosis

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon May 19 23:50:00 PDT 2008

Naw, not a valve adjustment issue.
verify stuff.  glow plug function, injector condition.  White smoke as 
in unburned fuel white smoke shouldn't last a couple blocks.

Extensive blowby that accumulates in the intake, then gets sucked in on 
startup could.

As Pat stated, a leaking valve seal may do that too, specifically on the 
exhaust side, where the oil is getting in after the hot stuff, and 
getting spit down the exhaust pipe, where it smokes much like an 
airplane manifold injection smoker for airshows.  That would take a 
while to burn off, like a couple of blocks....


Chris Jude wrote:
> stopped by a mechanics shop I've worked with before and was asking his
> opinion about the Audi (1980 5000S).  It's been blowing bad  white smoke at
> startup since I rebuilt the head about a month ago.
> I noticed on the drive to work today that the car doesn't seem to smoke much
> at all when being driven, and even when i got to work, at idle it didn't
> smoke.  Then at lunch the car took about 10 seconds of cranking to start,
> then blew white/grey smoke for about a block or two.  The same thing
> happened at the end of the day.
> I told him I wanted to do a valve adjustment on it, and the car had a recent
> head rebuild job, and new injectors.  His first thought was that there could
> be oil leaking into a cylinder, an injector could be leaking fuel, or that
> maybe a valve was just too tight.  But he didn't seem to think a valve
> adjustment would solve the problem.
> I'm still going to go for the valve adjustment as soon as I can, but it
> worries me to think that oil might be leaking past the gasket.  Oil
> consumption hasn't seemed to be a problem, but the car can sometimes have an
> acrid smell, even when burning biodiesel.
> I didn't really understand  the leaky injector idea. But, i'm not sure who
> 'remanufactured'  the Bosch injectors i got off eBay.  They looked to be in
> good condition, but I didn't test  them before installing...
> anyone have any opinions?
> chris
> seattle
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