[Vwdiesel] 1998 TDI for sale - needs body work

Wade Yorke wade at carsand.com
Tue May 20 17:42:28 PDT 2008

I bought my brother's TDI as a fixer upper after he moved on to a  
Lexus LS400.  He owned it since new but did not undercoat it and  
stored it in a heated garage which is not good when the car is  
covered in salty ice.  He maintained it mechanically and the timing  
belt was done 10,000 km ago (it has 312,000 km on it now).  It has a  
new battery, new brake cables, fuel and brake lines, and rear axle  
bushings.  In the past 40,000 km it has had new rear shocks, rear  
brake shoes and other odds an ends.  It runs well with no suspension  
noises.  He never drove it over 100 kph and not over 3,000 rpm (hard  
to say if that is good or bad).  At this point it needs new front  
fenders, rocker panels, floor repairs, rear wheel fender lip repairs,  
and rust blisters repaired on both passenger side doors.  Price  
includes: two new VW OEM front fenders, new VW OEM replacement floor  
panels (drivers and passenger sides), and new VW OEM grille.  Summer  
and winter tires on rims (approximately 75% tread remaining).  The  
body man I had lined up wants to put it off to the winter so I will  
try to get my investment out rather than try and find another body  
man I trust.
I have run an ad on Kijiji Halifax so if anyone is interested they  
can see some photos.
I have the interior out so if anyone wants some shots of the floor I  
can send them.


Wade Yorke
1984 Westy TD 

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