[Vwdiesel] Should I buy a used Mercedes diesel?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Thu May 22 02:49:58 PDT 2008

Looks like the offer to trade my Packard for a 1997 Mercedes E300 diesel fell thru as the dealer hasn't called back. However, I have a possible offer to buy the Packard outright. I have seen several offers on Craig's List for '80 to '85 M Benz diesels, some converted to WVO, for $3,000 or less. Even saw a 1987 300D  6 cylinder TD for $1,750.  I plan on running on WVO, if I can find it with diesel now over $4.75 a gallon. My question is are there some year Mercedes diesels that are far better or worse than other years? I would like to avoid 1998 & newer because they are coming into the Calif. smog check program in 2010. Or am I better off fixing up my Dasher & Rabbit diesels & forgetting any MB diesels? I do know MB parts are more expensive than VW parts. I wonder if the M Benz diesels are selling more cheaply because of the high price of diesel, or because they are money pits that owners are dumping? I see very few older VW diesels on Craig's list, mostly astronomically priced high mileage newer TDI VWs.

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