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> What would i need to swap a 5speed into my 81 diesle rabbit factory 4sp? 
> would i t ahve to be a 5spd form a diesle A1 ? or could i use a gasser trans 
> and could i use an a1 or an a2 ? i know il have to get a 5sp shifter also but 
> mainly wondering what kind of cars i can used the trans out of? also what 
> kinda milage / power  advantages could i expect?

  You need a tranny, Preferably an FF/FJ/FN/FH I've only seen the 
FF) or ACH/AGS/AOP/4S/ACN/AON/ASF/ACL (A1, A2 respectively,
ACH is probably more common but a slightly higher final drive ratio)
a 5 speed tranny mount and one or both of the plastic, snap-ball 
end shift rods.  The shifter, if set right will accomodate all the 
gears as is.  Remove the old one and bolt in the replacement. :-)
You may need to adjust the shifter and that's about it.

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