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Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Thu May 29 03:09:03 PDT 2008

That is what I was thinking as well, the Euro price
for gas may be higher, but most of our higher prices
are due to the falling value of our endlessly printed


--- William J Toensing <toensing at wildblue.net> wrote:

> While we in the USA are complaining about high gas &
> diesel prices, you who live in Europe may be
> laughing, as your prices have been & still are  much
> higher than USA prices.. In Calif. regular gas in
> now well over $4 a gallon & diesel over $5 a gallon,
> about $1 higher than regular gas. For your
> information, one USA gallon equals 3.785 liters. A
> UK gallon is larger than a USA gallon.
> What I would like to know from those of you who live
> in Europe, have gas & diesel prices been rapidly
> rising in your currency (Pounds or Euros) over the
> past 2 years? I suspect our rapidly rising prices
> has been due in large part to the falling value of
> the USA dollar in respect the UK Pound & Euro.
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