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> The post office might have a bit of a chance, but end up losing out due to 
> the crappy 'customer service' and jerks I have to deal with every time I go 
> in.

  A guy I know quit the Post Office years ago. I asked him why.  He 
said it's not the "gravy job" a lot of people think it is and the reason 
people were "going postal" was to "get back at their supervisors."
  They had one guy that somehow made it past the probationary 
period.  He couldn't carry mail right, handle the counter or even 
sort mail and get it right.  In his words, even a chimp can sort mail 
right!  So, about the only way you can get fired after getting past 
the probation period is rape or murder and then it's questionable.  
That left them with only one option, since the mail had to be 
delivered.  They made a supervisor out of him!
  He said even if a really nice person manages to make it to super, 
they have to become an a**hole or they'll get fired or demoted 
back.  They are flat out not allowed to fraternize with their 
subordinates at all.  Not really in their private life even.  "That might 
lead to preferential treatment."  You must treat everyone equally 
awful lest you get written up.
  This was just in a smaller post office, 50K pop or so area.  Our 
small one is great (pop 2500) but we had a doozie of a postmaster 
for a while.  Sending mail back for ANY incorrectness of the 
address, changed people's mailing addresses without even telling 
them, etc.  He finally got busted for embezzlement and we got 
a good one again.

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