[Vwdiesel] Bad Starting

Iain Hunter sagspottery at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 16:51:25 PDT 2008

I changed it in July and I've only done about 2000 miles since.
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> Iain -
>  How long has it been since you changed the fuel filter?
> David Ross    N7EPI
> Iain Hunter wrote:
>> Hello.
>> My name is Iain Hunter and I live in the UK. I drive an '85 Transporter 
>> (vanagon) with a stock 1.6 TD engine. Recently, as the weather has 
>> dropped below freezing, the van fails to tick-over once started and 
>> usually stalls shortly afterwards, even under throttle. Even if I manage 
>> to keep the engine running, she cuts out as soon as the motor is placed 
>> under any load. It's as if the engine is running on 3 cylinders. Up until 
>> the cold weather, she has been absolutely fine and has started and ran 
>> without any problems. Is it possible that an injector has just suddenly 
>> failed without warning, or is it more likely pump timing?
>> I realise that this engine was not offered in the U.S, but as far as I am 
>> aware, it is the same motor as offered in other models that were. I would 
>> appreciate any help on the matter.
>> Cheers.
>> Iain.H.
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