[Vwdiesel] 944 Diesel

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 3 04:55:19 PST 2008

You are correct, the 924 engine a version of the truck and Audi 100LS 
engine. It was modified to be an OHC engine for the 924 aplication, in 2.0L 
guise IIRC.

However, I'm not sure of the bellhousing pattern. I've done a # of swaps 
over the years with most of the Audi engines, however, the 100LS 1.8 was not 
a popular engine to use.

If it's the same as the Audi Fox, then it's the VW/Audi 4-cyl bolt pattern. 
However, all of the other Audi engines share a different bellhouling pattern 
than the 4-cyl's do. The newer VAG longitudinal transmissions share both 
patterns on them (starting in 1988 on some models) but the older ones don't.

The TDI over here is a 4-cyl so it will share the pattern with all the other 
VAG 4-cyl's. I'm not sure if Audi make a 5-cyl TDI. Anyone have any info on 

Tony Hoffman

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>  Considering a few this is that comparrisons I came up with this
> train of thought.  A 944 is similar to a 924 so therefore the
> bellhousing likely bolts up.  Some time back a friend read that
> the "Audi truck" in Europe was the origin for the 924 engine but
> the changed the head.  Assuming again, that bellhousing would
> match Audi.  Then we jump to the 5 cylinder diesel being a fit.
> Can we assume the Audi TDI is also a fit for the same bellhousing
> as the prechamber Audi engines?  :-D
>  So an Audi TDI from Europe Just might fit???  If all that flows
> then...  Otherwise it might be simpler to find a yard 944 engine
> and hmmm, convert an older 911 instead???  ;-D
>     Loren 

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