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Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
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I had a similar issue.  I put on a new PS pump, NEW is the key word.
the allignment was just off, the belt jumped off 2 times.  I moved the mount a bit on the block but did not have my old pump to look at to compare.
Still was mis-alligned but belt stayed on and killed it soon enough, so lose it would not work all the time.
Then after 1.5 hours of farting with it last weekend I took a block of wood and hit the pulley inward toward the pump as there was about 3/8" of space between the pump body and the pulley mounting hub.  Sure enough, it moved, the hub was not pressed on the shaft far enough from new.
Now all is fine.
I made the belt pretty tight as I feel the belt is a bit FAT for the upper pulley on the crank, but that is the correct spec.
PS is nice when in the parking lots.
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  If the belt is squealing the it's slipping and loose will only make 
matter worse or just not help.  Worn pulley, too narrow a belt, 
misalignment of the pulleys are all things to look for.  If you're 
using a Gates belt (from MY experience anyway, it'll squeal until 
it breaks or you get tired of it and replace it with a Contitech.

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