[Vwdiesel] radiator fan

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sat Nov 8 14:44:40 PST 2008

peter blake wrote:
> Roger,
> My relay and fuse panel does not look like the one on your website.
> My truck is an 80 and my panel looks like the one on page 80 of the
> electrical system in the Bentley manual. Which does not have a relay
> for the fan. Is there somewhere else I could look?
> Peter

Sorry, year was not specified in the original post.  Not sure on the '80, if the fan 
switch drives the fan directly, then a problem lies in the wiring.  Ohm meter or test 
light to troubleshoot.  My old '78 Rabbit (gas) had a fan relay, it got wet once and that 
rusted out the innards of the relay.



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