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> So if I reamed out the requisite holes, would I end up with a stronger 
> gasket, or the same gasket... My main concern is the oil supply hole on some 
> of these replacement gaskets seem unneccessarily large.
> Does anyone know how much a gasket reduces in thickness under final torque 
> from initial  state?
> What figure is the figure sometimes quoted, initial, or final thickness?

  You could ream out the head bolt holes but not the oil return 
holes.  There's not enough material outboard of the holes (or at 
least the front one) to seal.  
  A larger oil pressure area isn't necessarily going to fail.  Most 
of the failures there are the rubber ridgy part seperates from 
the rest of the gasket.  Some of them use a metal piece to seal 
instead of the rubber part... I think.  I've never noticed the bigger 
ones to fail more than the smaller, in fact usually the smaller 
ones tend to come out kidney bean shaped as one side seperates. 
If I had to say I've seen one fail more than the other I'd say it 
was the smaller ones!
  I believe Bentley has the new AND compressed thickness or the 
amount of compression when tightened so subtract the difference.
I know I've calculated it up at some point and that's the only 
place I can think of other than possibly the torque sheet that 
comes with a new gasket and I don't think it's on that.

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