[Vwdiesel] resealing a pump - oring material

MLightner mikel at buncombemain.nc.us
Mon Nov 3 06:06:33 PST 2008

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Hooray!.., after many moons of false-starts getting my 85 Jetta turbo 
diesel road worthy, I've now been driving it going on 4 months 
(relatively trouble-free, I might add).  While I was in o-ring limbo
for those many months, (not to mention being nearly penniless), I was 
unable to get any info from the closest authorized bosch service center 
as to the actual material that the o-rings are made of, nor any 
suggestions as to the suitability of using them with bio-diesel - this 
was on the Bosch o-ring kit #'d DGK 126.

  I also ended up getting a couple kits that are made (or packaged) by 
Dipaco, anyone heard of them?  The part # is DPE 60209.  They at least 
mentioned bio-diesel; they recommend not to use with concentrations of 
greater than 5 percent, or sealing may be compromised over time (or some 
such convoluted disclaimer).

Just wondering if any one had any better info

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Mike in NC

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