[Vwdiesel] New York Times article on '09 Jetta TDI

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What 5 speed do you have installed in your rabbit? I have a CHD and have only driven about two tankfuls. I get about 36 mpg, but I have never had my injectors tested or my valves adjusted. Of course there are "other" modifications to the NA system; modified IP, 180/60/14 wheels and tires, larger exhaust, 10 pound flywheel and larger intake hose on a later model intake, all on a 1982 pickup.
Drives like my 1st 75 rabbit gasser and takes the hill in my part of texas pretty well.
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"Diesel fans, no matter what you say on your blog, your old soot-spewing 
Rabbit will not touch those hybrids’ 40-50 m.p.g. in low-speed traffic."

  I dunno, Until I put the 5 speed in the Rabbit it ALWAYS made better 
putzing around town than it did on the highway.  :-)

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