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> Tomorrow I hope to finish installing a manual switch for the radiator fans 
> on my Quantum. If that doesn't work, I will re-torque the head &also have a 
> water pump &new radiator on the shelve if that doesn't help.

  Have you checked the cycling and temps the fan cycles at?  If, 
at a fast idle, the fan cycles on at roughly 195 and back off at 185 
or so then the temp sensor, fan and likely the thermostat are 
working fine.  
  You first need to know the stat's working, then see if the fan 
works, has power and all that.  Then check that it cycles and at 
what temps.  (the temps are stamped on the thermoswitch in the 
  If all that is good then the electrical and temp control of the 
cooling system are fine.  Then you have to know that you do/don't
have a blown head gasket, the pump is pumping, no lines are plugged, 
the radiator cap is maintaining proper pressure and that the radiator 
is transferring heat effectively.  That should cover it.  
  IMO, wiring a manual fan switch is similar to wiring in a manual 
GP relay bypass.  It puts more responsibility on the driver (who 
can easily get distracted) in place of a quite reliable automatic 
system that's quite simple as well.  :-)

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