[Vwdiesel] Diesel prices

Erik Lane eriklane at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 15:50:41 PST 2008

>> I don't complain about the gas tax but the tax should be earmarked for only
>> road/highway  maintenance, construction, etc. Roads don't just magically
>> appear, they have to be paid for in some manor.
>  I tend to strongly agree.  The fact that the money goes wherever,
> THEN the government whines that they don't get enough to fix the
> roads is my beef. They never seem to come up short on the budget
> for administrators...

Have you ever looked into this? I've heard claims before about gas tax
money getting misused, so one time I decided to examine the numbers,
which are part of the public record. I found that the amount of money
spent on roads that year (2-3 years ago?) was four times the amount
taken in with the gas tax. This was here in Oregon, and I don't know
numbers for any other years or different places, so I don't know how
representative that is at all. But when the amount spent is greater
than the amount taken in, then it doesn't matter if this or that exact
dollar went here or there. The amount of infrastructure repair that is
needed is so HUGE that I doubt the gas tax is enough anywhere.


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