[Vwdiesel] Parts and stuff for sale

dieseltdi at verizon.net dieseltdi at verizon.net
Tue Oct 7 17:30:26 PDT 2008

Thought I would offer this stuff here first before going to ebay.  I  
have the following bits and pieces left over from various projects  
that didn't get done and never will so make me an offer plus shipping  
and I can make my stuff your stuff!!  If you want pictures let me know  
and I will email them to you.

Panasonic 6 disc CD player with 2 cassettes and adaptor cable for VW
2 - Mann W 840/2 oil filters for 96-97 Passat TDI and A3 Jetta and  
Golf TDI, will also work on the 1.9 and 1.9 TD that predated the TDI
NOS Kolbenschmidt 1.9TD pistons, pins, rings and circlips.
Hayden Brand (nice name huh?) Variable temperature fan controller  
switch for radiator fan, intercooler fan or even a WVO heater
Partial SVO/WVO kit, not complete but a really good starting point  
includes:  10 gallon poly tank with multiple fitting arrangements, 2  
Sorrensen fuel switches, one with a tank return, one without,  
Stanadyne diesel fuel filter (model P5? 19501A2?, uses filter element  
#18786), one cheap generic diesel filter with washable screen filter  
(good for a prefilter). 10' of heated hose in hose fuel line with 5/8"  
hose fittings for the engine coolant,

It is all for sale.  Obviously, I would prefer to sell the SVO kit  
complete but make me an offer on the pieces if you want them.   
Everything must go!!!!

PS  I also have a bunch of intercooler tubing from Saabs and other  
cars and lots of parts for a Corrado that my son has stored in the  
attic.  Ask, maybe I have the part you need!!!!

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