[Vwdiesel] More Quantum questions?

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Hi Bill, scrap it and give me the Cruise....

I have 3 & 1/2  and owned 8 Quantums.
Never [practically] get circulation problems... However, a blocked heater 
valve may be an issue or perhaps something wrong with the thermostat [ie 
stuck or blocked].
Waterpumps have never failed to circulate except due to thermostat, but one 
or maybe two have began to drip due to wear.

These really do self prime; as Loren says gently squeezing the upper rad 
hose speeds things up, but never had to do anything like in the Rabbit 

If water is near boiling, then is the cap maintaining pressure?
I've now had 2 diesel head gasket failures on 2 different engines. Both were 
ancient gaskets and both were catastrophic, in that they were sudden and 
burst the upper rad hose like a balloon, both at the same spot just off the 
engine. This is the hottest place for the hoses, largest and most deteriated 
spot. Thank goodness some of the unavailable hoses don't go.
Don't give up

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> Still having overheating problems. Frankly, I suspect a head gasket 
> although the leak detector is negative. My next step will be to install a 
> new temperature sending unit in the radiator as the fans did not turn on 
> even though there were signs of boiling in the overflow container. Also, 
> when I pressure tested the cooling system, it held its pressure but when I 
> released it, some bubbling occurred as if some compressed air was trapped 
> in the cooling system. What is the best way to bleed air out of the 
> cooling system? I have ordered a new radiator, in case I need a new one, & 
> a head gasket set too.
> A couple of questions: 1)Is the head gasket the same for the Quantum 
> turbodiesel as for the Dasher & Rabbit diesels? The local parts house says 
> it is. 2)What is the best way to bleed air from the cooling system? 3) Any 
> particular tricks to rebuilding the vacuum pump? I suspect mine has gone 
> bad as the brakes are much harder than they used to be. I ordered a vacuum 
> pump rebuild pump as well. Are the Quantum diesel vacuum pumps 
> interchangeable with the Dasher diesels?
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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