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Sun Oct 12 10:38:10 PDT 2008

I have been using biodiesel for many, many years now so I have a bit  
of experience with this.  You don't say where you live but the farther  
north you are in the US, the more you need to worry.  Many diesel  
additives will work with biodiesel,  I use Power Service in the white  
bottle in the winter and the silver bottle in the summer.  The white  
bottle has an additive to prevent gelling.  If you live in a VERY cold  
climate, you might want to consider keeping the mixture at around  
B50.  Where I live in Texas, we occasionally dip into the teens and  
are often in the 20's but I have never experienced a starting or  
running problem even running at B80 levels and above BUT I always use  
the Power Service.  I would recommend that after you run a tank or two  
of biodiesel that you change the fuel filter.  Any crud in your fuel  
system will get washed out by the biodiesel and start to clog the  
filter, then when it gets cold, trouble can really start as small  
"crystals" of gelled fuel move through the clogged filter, slow down  
and get stuck.  Then the engine stops for lack of fuel.  Hayden

On Oct 12, 2008, at 8:30 AM, Photo Bug wrote:

> I'm new at biodiesel but not new to diesels.  Yesterday, with a  
> fellow teacher we put our first batch of biodiesel in my '03 VW  
> Jetta.  It purrrs fine! (So does my billfold! )  Question 1: What  
> temperature will the biodiesel start to gell?  Question 2: What can  
> we do about that?  Will petro-based diesel additives like Siloo and  
> Diesel Heet work?  Thanks for any and all advice!
> Best regards,
> Tom Norris
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