[Vwdiesel] Biodiesel Questions

Val Christian val at mongo.mongobird.com
Mon Oct 13 04:25:15 PDT 2008

I tend to run #1, not gasoline.  It has worked at -30 F temps for me.
At -40F you need about a 50/50 mix of #2 and #1.

I was never comfortable with the VW recommendation of gasoline, which
I believe was dropped about 1980.  Of course, some people put too
much gasoline in their tank, or didn't get it mixed well.  That 
caused other problems.

It would be interesting sharing cold weather stories, because 
my experience is that if you're driving 40 mph, and temps are 
below -20F, the engine will never even show temp on the gauge.
If one is driving 70 mph, then the temp will approach 80C or 
whatever the thermostat is.  Climbing hills is good, because 
one can actually get some heat. At 40 mph, there is just too
little waste heat.  My experience is a dozen Rabbits, and Jettas
with IDI engines, and a Jetta with an ALH TDI engine.

>   Maybe I'm daft but how about a gallon of gasoline/tank?  That's 
> what I use for #2 diesel, it's listed in the Rabbit owner's manual 
> and I was one of the few cars running cross country one winter 
> when nighttime temperatures were near -30F!  I had a LOT of 
> people along that trip tell me I couldn't do that as they were 
> buying more Power Service and other additives as they were 
> gelled up on the side of the road.  I tend to wonder who is right 
> when I'm running and they're not!  I did pick up some PS to aid in 
> lubricity (assuming it helps with that).  I presume gas will thin 
> bio just as well as it does #2.  
>   If your #2 gells at 25F and your #1 gells at 5F then a 50/50 mix 
> is still only good to 15F.  In a 12 or so gallon tank, 2 gallons of 
> gas will get you to about -30F!
>   Just my thoughts...
>      Loren
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