[Vwdiesel] Biodiesel Questions

Justin Bennett lug1970 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 10:31:36 PDT 2008

Another option would be to source some Jet A from your local airport.  It has a very low gel point.  Sometimes you can get lucky and get "waste" fuel in 55 gallon drums.  "Waste" Jet A is usually from the sumping of the aircraft or fuel delivery truck tanks.  Don't run it straight as jet fuel is quite a bit dryer then #2 and can cause problems if it ran thru the engine without some extra lube.

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  Maybe I'm daft but how about a gallon of gasoline/tank?  That's 
what I use for #2 diesel, it's listed in the Rabbit owner's manual 
and I was one of the few cars running cross country one winter 
when nighttime temperatures were near -30F!  I had a LOT of 
people along that trip tell me I couldn't do that as they were 
buying more Power Service and other additives as they were 
gelled up on the side of the road.  I tend to wonder who is right 
when I'm running and they're not!  I did pick up some PS to aid in 
lubricity (assuming it helps with that).  I presume gas will thin 
bio just as well as it does #2.  
  If your #2 gells at 25F and your #1 gells at 5F then a 50/50 mix 
is still only good to 15F.  In a 12 or so gallon tank, 2 gallons of 
gas will get you to about -30F!
  Just my thoughts...


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