[Vwdiesel] 1.6 NA SWAP

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The Vanagon Engine Crankshaft has a Pilot Bearing for the Input Shaft on the
Trans.  I think all the Cranks will accept the Bearing but I'm not positive,
I'll check a little later today and let you know.  I have both in my Shop.


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I am replacing my 1.6 NA (Code ME 045 651)  (1986 I think) which is
currently in a 1982 Vanagon, and have been given another 1.6 NA (Code JK 245
546) (Not sure of year, but it came out of a car.)
So: I am wondering about the flywheel and clutch assembly, and if it is
transferable, because on the engine that came out, the flywheel is inboard
(closer to #4 cylinder) of the pressure plate, and the new engine has the
pressure plate on, but not flywheel.

So, the Vanagon engine mounts oil pan and power steering look like they
should switch over ok, but I'm not sure about the flywheel clutch.  and am
wondering if folks here think
it would be worth my time.   The flywheel teeth on the
engine that came out are in good condition.

I looked in the archives and in the Bentley Vanagon book and could only find
some general engine code information.

Thank you.

actsiser at resist.ca
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