[Vwdiesel] starter changeout

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Thu Oct 16 20:42:20 PDT 2008

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> I need to change the starter on the Golf. The new starter came with a new
> bushing. The Bentley shows a special VW tool for removing the bushing. Are
> there other tools that will work just as well as the special VW tool? How do
> I determine if the bushing needs to be replaced?

  The simplest way to remove it is to thread a tap into it.  I believe 
it's a 7/16 NC tap that fits well.  You can try to thread it in and 
then pull it out with the bushing but usually it requires bottoming 
the tap against the housing and pulling the bushing out on the 
threads of the tap  (keep turning the tap until the bushing is pulled 
all the way or hits the top of the tap.)
  It's smart to replace it period.  If it's worn the hole will be out of 
round but it's nearly impossible to see unless you really like using 
mirrors and small lights.  Generally quicker to just be safe and 
change it. 
  Install the new one by gently driving it in the hole.

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