[Vwdiesel] 1.6 NA SWAP

Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 02:41:22 PDT 2008

Might be easiest and least prone to errors to simply swap the entire 
fuel pump from your blown engine onto th new one? Retime it on the "new" 
engine and you're in the clear, all your throttle settings intact.


James Hansen wrote:
> Use a piece of steel brake line to slip over the ends of the springs and 
> take them off the metal hook they pull on, assembly is opposite.  Put 
> stuff on, then flip the springs onto the levers.
> On disassembly, note position of the lever scribed line in relation to 
> the small scribe line on the shaft, and duplicate this on the new lever.
> So, you put the lever on, with springs etc, then the nut, then with the 
> brake line, hook the ends of the springs on so there is tension on the 
> lever.
> -james
> actsiser wrote:
>> In swapping over the throttle cable to the new pump.  I
>> notice that it 
>> appears that whoever removed the engine from the donor
>> car removed the lever that bolts onto the spring loaded
>> throttle control on the injection pump.  So I figured I
>> just replace that unit, with the levers from the pump on
>> the blown engine, but the spring loaded post is quite a
>> bit longer, and has a different degree of bend.  I
>> understand that there are several styles of throttle
>> linkage that were manufactured on these pumps, but that
>> otherwise the pumps are the same.
>> and so I would need to switch over the whole
>> post, spring(s) and lever assembly. as long as I preserve
>> the alignment of the levers, will I mess anything up by
>> switching over the posts. It seems like when I back the
>> nut off the top and remove the lever, the springs will
>> relax their tension, and it will be a mess to get back to
>> the proper alignment and tension? any tips?
>> Thanks,
>> Shawn.
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