[Vwdiesel] Alternator and PS brackets

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The PS Bracket is the same on Gas Cars, at least it is on MK1 Cars, I
believe others are also. 

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Does anyone have a part number for the alternator bracket that has the pivot
bolt on top and the belt adjuster strap under the alternator? This bracket
is held down by the two bottom water pump bolts. The bracket also has a hole
where the adjustment strap is anchored. My bracket is broken at the hole
where the alternator adjustment strap is anchored, so the alternator lays
against the radiator support and has no tension on the alternator belt. If
anyone has one of these brackets and I willing to part with it let me know
what you want for it.


I also have a cracked PS pump bracket. I have seen a part number on the pump
bracket: 027.145.531

Are these still available or does anyone have one they don't need? Let me
know. Thanks!

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