[Vwdiesel] BIG Ooops!

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Mon Oct 27 00:48:03 PDT 2008

I think you'll have to put a sample in a plastic bottle and see what 
dissolves it, Without knowing what the stuff was...
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> Hi, everyone!  I'm just learning about biodiesel and lovin' it better and 
> better the more I learn about it.  However, we loaded our first 40 gallon 
> brew into my brother-in-law's portable storage tank that he had just 
> purchased. . .used.  We assumed it was clean...MISTAKE!!!!!!  Whatever was 
> in there, it contaminated the entire biodiesel batch that we had made. 
> One syrupy white gooey mess!!!!!  OK, that's the BooBoo!  Could someone 
> please suggest what we can use to best completely clean out the tank so we 
> can seriously re-use it.  We emptied out the gooey mess, but we want to 
> have a clean storage on the inside so no more gooey messes!    Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Tom
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