[Vwdiesel] over heating

travis gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 1 22:47:47 PDT 2008

There is the possibility that your radiator is defective (as I had two new ones in a row bad). Mine didn't have a baffle to make the coolant goes horizontally across the radiators. My fan even came on meaning the radiator got to the 190 to open my switch on my rabbit. I don't know how your radiator is in comparison but don't rule it out. If you have a good radiator guy some where have him help you figure it out. The fan shouldn't be the problem as these run cool enough to not need the fan in most cases (as I unplugged my fan with the good radiator to prove that the fan didn't matter and that is was a defective radiator on the other rabbit). Hope that helps.
Travis G
>Thank you Tony & Lillie for your response. Will check that out tomorrow. As to the overheating, I am beginning to think >it may be the temperature fan switch which is supposed to turn the left fan on at low speed at 190 F & both fans on >at high speed when the temperature reaches 205 F. I can probably figure out how to check out the system but any >suggestions from you readers might help me save some time. Since this Quantum is 26 years old, some of the OEM >parts are probably failing due to age & the 117,000 miles on the car. I drove the car on Sat., 8/30 & it did not heat up. >The prior owner complained the car would overheat in hot weather when climbing mountain grades. The radiator does >not show any signs of a head gasket leak as the testing fluid stayed blue. Also, the coolant return into the coolant ?>recovery tank is steady. Am thinking of installing a manual toggle switch to bypass the switch & turn on both radiator ?>fans on high when needed. Is this radiator coolant temperature switch easy or hard to find? Haven't checked locally >yet.>Comments? 
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