[Vwdiesel] More Quantum questions?

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I recall reading some long time ago research that water wetter actually impaired a cooling system's ability to cool the way it should because it made the contact area of the system more "slippery" inside and the coolant was less able to actually carry away heat.  The metal shed the water before it could do its job.

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I use the Water Wetter as well.  I think the lower temps only apply to use
in an engine 
without a thermostat and also one that is probably running flat out, like a
race car 
engine.  There, with better heat transfer you would likely see a lower
coolant temp.  But 
in a thermostat controlled engine, assuming the t-stat is doing it's job,
then the engine 
will run at the t-stat temperature.



So if the engine is going to run at the T-stat temp no matter what, then why
even bother with water wetter? 180 degrees is 180 degrees. To me water
wetter and all those is for the more severe market, like racing and people
who push their vehicles to the max. For the average ride it just seems over
kill. If your having overheating issues then the cause needs to be found. 

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