[Vwdiesel] Removing headlight bezel switch and tach install on diesel

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Thu Sep 11 21:16:00 PDT 2008

Caleb Van Dyke wrote:
> Is there a trick to removing the headlamp knob/bezel on a 1981 Rabbit pick-up? 
 > I thought you just pulled really hard and then the bezel would come out of the switch.
 > I need to remove the instrument cluster cover and can't get this to come out.

There is a release pin under the switch that you press up on to release the knob and shaft.

> Also, I have a 3 wire Motorola 65 amp alternator on this pick-up, and was wondering 
 > if anyone knows if one of the wires can be used to drive a tachometer from a gasser.

If it has a separate W-terminal or you add one and use a turbo diesel tach or convert a 
gas tach then yes:



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