[Vwdiesel] Starting problem

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Tue Sep 16 07:57:23 PDT 2008

>> It's got to be a problem (intermittent) with the ignition switch, or a relay
>> controlled by it.

Lets take this a little further.

When the ignition sw is turned to the crank position, it also has to
maintain power to the run solenoid on the pump to permit a start..
Then when released to the run position, still has to maintain power to the
pump  without a break as it moves to "run"

Typically, all accesory loads, heater fan, radio, lights, etc go off while
cranking, then come back on in "run"

What you describe is like a loss of contact in the transition from crank to run.

Give it a shot of WD40

Someone mentioned that the older ( pre-computer) gassers often used a
contact on the switch that shorts out a ballast resistor in series with the
wire to the ignition coil during crank. . This could produce complications
in the diesel conversion if those 2 contacts were not wired together at the
switch during the conversion.

If the truck is a bush beater, Just wire a hot wire (thru a small fuse) to a
"stop-go" switch in the cab, then to the pump. Then you can leave it running
at the beer store, with the steering locked and the key removed to prevent
opportunistic borrowing.
In alaska, I would think this arrangement would be standard equipment, as it
is in parts of (shiver) Canada in the winter months.

Not knowing the vehicle, and the fact that it's a diesel conversion of a
gasser, there are probably relays Perhaps even a (heaven help us) computer
still lurking in the woodwork.

Find the wire on the back of the ign switch that goes to the pump to hold it
on, and see if the switch transits from crank to run without a break.


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