[Vwdiesel] Rebuilt IP / Engine Won't Start

William Longyard longyard at ix.netcom.com
Mon Sep 22 03:56:50 PDT 2008

Yes, and I've checked that the outlet bolt's hole isn't plugged.

Bill L.

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>> but that still doesn't explain why it quits
>> when you give it throttle. That sounds like a fuel restriction.  These
>> pumps work off internal case pressure- take away the internal pressure,
>> it all goes to crap- no fuel regulation, no advance...  The banjo with
>> the orfice on the correct line (the return) is critical like Sandy
>> pointed out.
>  I hadn't thought to mention that.  It DOES have an "OUT" banjo
> bolt on the return and a regular one on the inlet???  Then the
> OUT one isn't plugged also???
>    Loren
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