[Vwdiesel] I got the Rabbit all buttoned up, and...

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Fri Apr 3 04:28:29 PDT 2009

One of my two diesels is a 2001 Golf TDI.  I got it when it only had 38k on it.  The power was decent (90HP, 150 ft/lbs torque), but I wanted some more to be able to pass cars safely on a two lane road, so I had it returned to European specs.  So now it's about 150 HP and 263 ft/lbs torque, and I get a solid 47 mpg, no matter what type of driving.  I also changed 5th gear from stock (.771 I think) to .681.  At 65 mph, I turn just under 1800 rpm.  I'm thinking of replacing the ring and pinion with the 3.15 unit, and with that, maybe I'll get solidly into the 50's.  I did that just once 51.7 mpg.  As far as I'm concerned that car is everything I could want.  All the power and handling I need, plus economy. 

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Gutless as in, can't quite get to 55 mph without getting out to push.   
I'm at 5K feet altitude, and it's murder to the power on the NA  
diesel.  A TD would be great up here.  The TDI is great around here.   
Plenty of power, even up in the mountains.  I really wish the Rabbit had a bit more pull.  The TD would normalize it for the lack of air up here nicely.

I did test drive the 2009 Jetta TDI.  That thing is a rocket.  It's truly a marvel of engineering that they've made a small 2.0L diesel have that much power and still get 40mpg.  The Golf TDI comes out again in October, and funds permitting, I might think about trading in my 2001 Golf for one.


On Apr 2, 2009, at 10:10 PM, Erik Lane wrote:

> What's your reference for 'gutless?'
> I ask because I just found more power for my car by turning *down* the 
> max fuel screw. It was blowing a bit too much smoke and I would find 
> that sometimes I would get the max power out of it around 2/3 of the 
> way down and if I pushed the pedal further then the power would drop. 
> After backing that screw out it feels like I have an extra ~10-20% 
> power. And my smoke is practically non-existent. I haven't run a full 
> tank through it yet, but I'm hopeful that the mileage will go up 5mpg 
> or so as I've been stuck around 43 for a while. (Though last tank when 
> I ran to the beach and back was just over 48 and that was before 
> messing with the screw.)
> So I *love* the power that my little car has, but I've grown up around 
> diesels and I always get kinda blown away when driving someone else's 
> modern gas car. Cars these days have a ridiculous amount of power that 
> in my opinion is just unnecessary. So I don't know if you're used to 
> something like that and your car is really where it should be for the 
> engine or if more detective work is in order to find issues.
> Erik
> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 6:24 PM, Matt <matt_lisa at sprynet.com> wrote:
> Ok.  The Rabbit is running again.
> The stupid tach sensor had buggered up the belt again.  This time it 
> took a nice chunk out of it.  Great.  Now I need a timing belt.  I 
> pulled all the tach stuff out and threw it on the bench.  I'll find a 
> better way to get that working.  I'll probably just mod the tach to 
> work with the W terminal.
> This time, the pump was off by almost 180 degrees.  I flipped it 
> around, redid the belt, and it fired right up.  It sure feels gutless 
> around here.  I really wish there were more TD engines in this part of 
> the world.  I've never seen one in the flesh before.
> At least I have a spare car again, as long as I use it sparingly.  The 
> Golf has to go under the knife for some major maintenance (heater 
> core/ struts/door switches), so I'm going to need the ol' diesel 
> again.
> Ugh, I hate problems like this.
> -Matt
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> On Mar 28, 2009, at 4:50 AM, Bryan Belman wrote:
> > Yes, but he said the rabbit had been running fine before, it was 
> > just sitting for a few months, so timing being off 180 can not be 
> > his problem.  Right Matt.
> > You did the timing a long time ago, then ran the car for some time, 
> > all was well.
> >  Something must have changed while the car was sitting.
> >
> > Take a look at your belts to be sure.
> >
> > Now you go to start and you have this.  hummm
> >
> > Stay in there buddy.
> > Part of the "fun" of owning a VW is having to do thing all over 
> > again, just after you did the dam job.
> >
> > my point.
> > Yes, I have to take my dash apart again and get the blower fan out 
> > AGAIN because the impeller squirrel fan slipped down on the motor 
> > shaft now and is rubbing against the plastic base.  I am just going 
> > to glue it on the fan shaft this time.....
> >
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> > -- Not running :(
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> >> I'll recheck the stupid timing again and see what it's at the next 
> >> time I go out there.
> >>
> >>
> > Sure sounds like that's your problem.
> >     Loren
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